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Ok so, I've been looking up tutorials on how to do vectors in Photoshop and  I must say, THEY'RE REALLY FUN (but horribly tedious) TO DO! I've been working on this one vector for over 7 hours and I'm still not finished :( but it's looking pretty good so far. From this, I've decided to make another account ([link] sorry that I have so many :/ I have like 3 now D: ) specifically for vector art. I'm really excited about this because I have the whole summer to do some (well besides summer school and UCR stuff) :)! So just check up on my other account for new updates (they might come pretty slow though because vectors take so long to do :/)!

Other account: [link]

P.S. I'm still going to take photos so don't worry :) I'll just keep working in between the 2 accounts.
This is Bonnie, aka ::meteorics::

Stealin' Matt's thundaaaa
btw, Sarah needs one of these:

I haven't been on dA in sooooo long! All I do is just check my messages now...I've been way to lazy/busy to upload any new photos.

things that have been taking up my mind lately:
- college
- graduation
- AP U.S. Government
- tests
- prom this Saturday

I am just very stressed out to the max! I just wish school was over already :(
Not too long ago, I entered a photography contest on Well today, I just received an email saying that my picture entered into the finals =) but I need 20 votes in order to win the $50 visa card! I just want you all to click [here] and rate it at the top (where the numbers are) and press the 'submit vote' button! Thanks and much appreciated :D!

Now that I've gotten a new camera (thanks dad), the Nikon D40x, this means adventuring out and taking some cool new photos! I'd really like to have some models again (definitely including Matt and Bonnie lol :heart:) and maybe some new scenery to work with. Anyways, I'll be updating photos later since this week I have finals :( busy busy busy!

P.S. You guys should watch "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street". Gory but has absolutely AMAZING music!
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today is a happy day :D

2. Watched "Enchanted" again with Matt & Kirstie...thanks guys :) It was better the 2nd time through!

:boogie:  :boogie:  :boogie:  :boogie:  :boogie:
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wow. I'm pretty much ALMOST done with my college apps :)! It's 12:30 AM and I've been editing my 1st essay for a very long while D: I'm so tired! While editing my essay, I was also clicking buttons here and there on the applications which was so tiring and tedious :( I didn't think clicking buttons was so bad Dx my parents were also fighting with me as to which button to click -_- UGH!

After this is done and my SAT II is over...I'M FREEEEEEE! :D I really can't wait :)

P.S. You all should watch the new movie, "Enchanted"! It's so good B) I really want to buy the DVD and soundtrack when they release.
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So, my dad ordered me the Canon A640 =) I'm so blissfully happy! I didn't know until I slumped into my chair and suddenly saw the precious box :O I was practically jumping out of my chair after that xD!'ll probably see more pics from me now :D yay~
Now I need a subject. .-.
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Hello everyone (:

I've actually made another dA account lol.
My other one is FLORESCENT :)

This is just for my photography stuff.
I will update later.